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Rock Solid’s University-Model is a unique hybrid of the best of homeschooling and a traditional private Christian school. At Rock Solid, we believe in the importance of the family. The University-Model offers more time for families to explore their passions and our partnership with parents means that YOU are actively involved in your student's education. Our small size means that we offer individualized attention and authentic community. At our school, students are known and cherished.

We welcome you to learn more about our unique program and the benefits of partnering with us for your child's educational journey. 



Discover how we partner with families to build a Rock Solid foundation. Check out our online resources or schedule a tour!


Like what you see? Fill out our online application to begin the enrollment process. Provide associated forms and fees.

Meet With Us

Schedule a Family Interview with our caring leadership to connect and deepen your understanding of the University Model™.


Finalize enrollment paperwork, set up assessments, purchase supplies, and begin your student's Rock Solid journey!


See what Rock Solid Christian Academy has to offer! Read Parent Stories or Staff Stories to see the full picture of the Rock Solid experience!

Explore the Elementary Information or Secondary Information pages.


Submit Application, Forms, & Registration Fee

Begin by filling out the online RSCA application. (link will open a new window)

Fill out the enrollment forms and collect the needed documents. Completed forms may be uploaded with the Application Form or scanned and emailed to: rsca@rocksolidchristian.com.

Pay the New Student Application fee. You can pay online or send your check payable to "Rock Solid Christian Academy" with "Application Fee" in the memo to: ATTN RSCA Bookkeeper at 29 Del Mar Circle, Aurora, CO 80011.


Personal Interview

A personal interview with the prospective student and parents will be scheduled after the completed application documents are received.


Sign up for Classes, Assessments and FACTS

By this point you are accepted as a student to Rock Solid. Congratulations! You will be given a class signup sheet soon after the Personal Interview

Enroll in FACTS and pay the New Student Enrollment Fee in FACTS.

All incoming K-5 students must undergo an elementary student assessment.

A math placement test is required for all new students enrolling in RSCA math courses: Math 6, 7, pre-algebra, geometry, algebra 1, etc.

​Rock Solid Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, or national or ethnic origin in employment practices, administrative policies, scholarship and loan programs, or other school-administered programs and activities.