2024-2025 TUITION & FEES

Application, Enrollment, and Re-Enrollment Fees

Current Student$300.00Re-enrollment fee if enrollment is completed before ​February 20, 2024
Current Student$375.00Re-enrollment fee if enrollment is completed after​ February 20, 2024
New Student$150.00Application Fee (per student)
New Student$375.00Enrollment Fee (per student)
Re-enrollment and enrollment fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and do not apply to tuition. 
​Family enrollment fee maximum: $700.00

Tuition & Educational Fees Assessed on a Per Student Basis

Kindergarten - 5th Grade
3 days per week
Curriculum and Materials Fee (per student) 
 $6,350.00Tuition and Fees
6th - 8th Grade
Tuition (Full-time; we pro-rate for fewer than 6 classes: contact the office for details)
Curriculum and Materials Fee (per student) 
Tuition and Fees include books / workbooks / other curricula / assessments 
​Fees for specialized classes such as science, photography, etc., standardized testing, school supplies, and other extra-curricular activities are not​ included in tuition or fees. We will inform you of any applicable fees separately.

Payment Options

10 Monthly PaymentsJuly 1 - April 1, plus $75.00 FACTS Set-up Fee
Bi-Annual (Two Payments)July 1 and December 1, plus ​$75.00 FACTS Set-up Fee

Sibling Discount

RSCA offers a 5% tuition discount for siblings.
This discount does not apply to part-time students, fees, or special programs.