Are you coming from a Homeschool setting?

Rock Solid Christian Academy is a different kind of school. We are a Christian school that takes the best attributes of homeschooling and the best attributes of a traditional private school, blending both into one model. Utilizing the University Model approach, we value parents as co-educators and welcome you as vital contributors to your student’s education. The UMS approach employs a university-style schedule adapted to the elementary and middle school levels, gradually preparing and releasing students towards age-appropriate independence and organization.  Professional teachers, instructing in their areas of expertise, conduct central classroom instruction and provide direction for school at home days and assignments. Most importantly, we teach from a biblical worldview and strive to consistently point kids to Christ.

Similar to homeschooling, our unique schedule (three days at school, two days at home) allows kids more time to be kids, to pursue outside interests, and retain quality family time. Utilizing the benefits and flexibility of our hybrid model, we encourage you to continue family rituals like poetry teatimes, library visits, and read alouds.

Although our parents are not considered homeschoolers by the state of Colorado, the University Model retains many of the benefits of homeschooling while solving for some of the issues homeschooling parents often face, such as grading, record keeping, and ensuring students are making sufficient academic progress. Our University-Model is the best of homeschooling combined with the structure and support of a traditional private school.

Support student discipleshipDisciple student(s)Follow Jesus & authorities
Create a positive learning environmentMaintain a positive learning environmentBring a positive attitude
Establish & Direct learning goalsSupport learning goals at homeEndeavor to reach learning goals
Introduce content instructionReinforce content instructionAttend to instruction, Practice
Provide assignments & activitiesHold students accountableComplete assignments & activities
Monitor & Communicate progressCommunicate family/student needsAdvocate for himself/herself
Foster communityCultivate communityParticipate in community
Trust God for the results!

What is the difference between homeschool co-ops and University-Model® Schools (UMS)? 

UMS and homeschool co-ops should not be equated. Homeschool co-ops are a good way for homeschooling families to pool their resources and expertise for specific and usually short-term study projects. One parent, for instance, may be especially proficient in math or science and teach a group of students that subject for a period of time. Generally speaking, homeschool co-ops are age-integrated, specialized, parent-run, and do not simulate a college structure. In some cases, co-ops also take over the primary responsibility of teaching certain courses instead of integrating the teacher and parent effectively for each course as is done in the University-Model®. UMS is also different by virtue of having specific grade levels, consistent accountability from semester to semester, a full spectrum of courses complete with prerequisites and diploma plans, and a professional administration and faculty responsible for curriculum and instruction, partnering with parents to deliver some instruction in the lower schools.



We keep talking about the idea of "University Model™ Education, but what exactly do we mean? Are we a homeschool co-op? A private Christian school? Or is Rock Solid the best of both of those and so much more?