Redefining education by integrating the best of homeschooling with the structure of a private Christian school.

This model is a partnership with parents designed to offer a high-quality K-8 educational program that balances rigorous academics with deep spiritual formation.

At Rock Solid, our unique schedule has students on campus three days a week, engaging in dynamic academic activities, discussions, and collaborative projects. For the remaining two days, education continues at home under parental supervision, where lessons are directed by our teachers but delivered in the heart of the family. This allows us to tailor the educational experience to each child's unique strengths and challenges, recognizing that no one-size-fits-all approach to schooling exists.

Our philosophy is centered on the belief that each child is uniquely created by God, equipped with different gifts and facing different challenges. It's our role to provide an environment that nurtures these individual traits and fosters an atmosphere where every student can thrive academically and spiritually.


Parents play a crucial role in Rock Solid's educational model

This close partnership ensures that learning does not just occur within the walls of the classroom but is a continual process that enhances family bonds and allows more time for children to simply be kids. Our culture may prioritize busyness, but at Rock Solid, we believe that children need time to reflect on their learning and to learn how to be self-directed.

Academic rigor at Rock Solid does not rely on the difficulty or quantity of assignments but on engaging students to think critically and apply their knowledge practically. This approach not only prepares them for academic success but also for a lifetime of learning and serving God.

Our commitment to a balanced education and our counter-cultural stance makes Rock Solid Christian Academy a unique place where students learn to balance academic demands with personal growth and spiritual development. They develop resilience, character, and a strong sense of purpose under the guidance of dedicated teachers and supportive families.

Join us at Rock Solid Christian Academy, where we partner with parents to shape futures, one student at a time. Discover how our University-Model can transform education for your child by visiting our website and scheduling a visit to our campus.

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At school, our expert teachers lead students in their love of learning through the teaching of core curriculum, but more importantly, disciple students in their walk with Jesus through a Christ-centered education and daily character development. Bi-weekly chapel times with our Chaplain and a scripture memory program help root our students in God’s truth. Our number one mission is to disciple character witnesses of Christ for the next generation.

Differentiated Learning

Our small class sizes (Max 15:1 student/teacher ratio) mean that our teachers can easily differentiate work to meet the needs of our students. By utilizing a series of guided and independent-work stations, teachers meet with students based on their skill level.